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Services - Independent Living

The Vision Institute of SC provides specialized, exemplary services for people who are visually impaired or blind.

TVI Specialists enable adults with low vision or blindness to be independent in their daily living activities through training and technology.

We provide in-home assessments, equipment and training to make living simpler and easier. Who knew that a smart phone app could not only read aloud the bar code price, but also give you the ingredients and the cooking directions?
Picture of man at desk
Picture of lady at the sink smiling TVI trainers provide adults with visual impairments one-on-one instruction to use advanced technology and special aids. And did you know that the GPS app provides walking directions? Our Orientation & Mobility specialists integrate technology and traditional travel skills to enable adults to live and travel independently.

Want to read you mail or bake a cake again? TVI specialists assist individuals in making modifications to their home, such as lighting changes or raised dots on the microwave, to complete everyday tasks.

For more information, please call (803) 627-8847 or email us at